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ElectraTherm creates fuel-free, emissions-free power by capturing readily available waste heat. Their mission is to provide environmentally friendly energy solutions to industry worldwide.

The ElectraTherm Green Machine is the world's first commercially viable waste heat generator. This innovative system uses patented heat and pressure recovery technology requiring minimal heat (about 200° F liquid). Our systems are low cost, fuel-free and emissions-free.

ElectraTherm Technology

ElectraTherm combines traditional components with patented, cutting-edge technology to create electricity from waste heat. ElectraTherm power systems use a closed-loop organic Rankine cycle (ORC) to create pressure by boiling EPA-approved chemical working fluids into gas. The gas expands in a one way system and turns a patented Twin Screw Expander, which drives a generator to ultimately put out electricity.

Historically, ORCs incorporating turbo-expanders have not been commercially viable in sizes less than 1MW. By replacing turbo-expanders with ElectraTherm's patented, robust, low-cost Twin Screw Expander, users benefit from short payback on systems that provide unattended operation and negligible maintenance.

  • Lowest heat requirements in the industry
  • Flexible and scalable
  • Lowest operation & maintenance requirements in the industry
  • Fuel free, emissions free
  • Non-combustion process
  • Modular and mobile

No company currently produces equipment competitive to ElectraTherm's low temperature, small scale, fuel-free, emission-free power systems.

ElectraTherm's Twin Screw Expander

Our patented Twin Screw Expander provides the ideal solution in the arena of small-scale waste heat generation. The Twin Screw Expander:

  • Requires a fraction of turbine O&M
  • Runs at 1/10 rotational speed of turbo expanders
  • Performs with less friction, greater lobe strength
  • Operates free of expensive gear boxes/electronics
  • Process lubrication system eliminates the need for traditional oil pump, tank, lines and filter.

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